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. . . [d]esignating an 8(a) Participant as the managing venturer of the joint venture,” and an employee of the managing venturer as the project manager responsible for performance of the 8(a) contract. Id. § 124.513(c)(2). Here, Relators have alleged that Defendants made false representations regarding the employment of several project managers of the relevant joint ventures. According to Relators’ complaint, which must be taken as true at this stage in the litigation, James Krulic was listed as the general manager of the BSA-LB&B joint venture on the joint venture agreement approved by the SBA on August 16, 2004 despite the fact that he was an LB&B employee 37 at the time. Relators’ Compl. ¶ 52. Relators further allege that Mr. Krulic did not become a BSA employee until January 2005, well after the joint venture was approved and even then only at the direction of senior employees at LB&B.

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