Why Should You Want a Team of Former Government Prosecutors?

Because we have the experience and knowledge to help you get a "favorable intervention decision." By that we mean, the Government decides to join your case. This is in contrast to a "non-intervened case,"where the Government declines to join it.

 Since most successful False Claims Act cases are of the intervened type and very few non-intervened cases end well, your goal should always be to get the Government to join your case. That is where we come in. As former federal prosecutors and trial attorneys, we know what Government attorneys and their investigative agents are looking for in False Claims Act qui tam cases and what they are hoping to avoid. Because of our many years of Government service, we know how to thoroughly investigate and effectively present your case so that its best points are highlighted and its potential weaknesses are adequately addressed. When you choose the Whistleblower Law Team you get the benefit of our vast expertise.

Does a Nationwide Presence Make a Difference?

It certainly does for a number of reasons. First, many False Claims Act qui tam cases cut across state lines. Your target may be a large corporation with offices, branches and operations in many states. Or, that organization may be engaged in fraud affecting programs in various states, such as Medicaid billing fraud. Second, witnesses and evidence may be scattered in a number of places. And finally, you may need to file your case in one or more of the 100 United States District Courts and 50 state courts located throughout the country.

That is why it helps to have a legal team with nationwide experience and resources and the contacts to add additional members to the team on an as needed basis.


    Potential Cases

    Healthcare (Medicare & Medicaid)
    Defense Contractors
    Construction and Procurement
    Grants (SBIR, STTR, SBA, NIH, NFS)
    SEC and Wall Street Finance
    Banking and Mortgage Lending
    IRS, State Sales Tax and Income Tax Evasion
    Education Title 1 and For Profit Universities
    Environmental Violations and Ocean Dumping
    Whistleblower Retaliation


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