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2. Mentor Protégé Program In addition to the Section 8(a) program, the SBA also administers a Mentor-Protégé program, which allows a non-Section 8(a) company to form a joint venture with a Section 8(a) eligible company. The program is designed to encourage an 5 approved mentor, that is not a Section 8(a) concern, to provide managerial, financial, and technical assistance in order to improve a protégé’s ability to bid on and compete for government contracts. See 13 C.F.R. § 124.520(a)-(b). The protégé must be in the development stage of participation in the Section 8(a) program, have never received an 8(a) contract, or have a size that is half the size of the corresponding NAICS code. Id. § 124.520(c).

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