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Second, Defendants argue that Relators’ own complaint demonstrates that the alleged 36 representations regarding Mr. Krulic’s and Mr. Jahn’s employment were true. In their complaint, Relators allege that these two individuals “switched” employment, but they provide no factual allegations in support of their speculation. Indeed, as Defendants note, Relator Sansbury was no longer employed during the relevant time period, and Relator Buechler did not work at any of the relevant job site locations. Finally, Defendants argue that any alleged “switch” in employment is not a violation of the relevant SBA regulations. According to the applicable SBA regulations, when a mentor and protégé partner for the purpose of an 8(a) contract, they must submit a joint venture agreement to the SBA for approval. 13 C.F.R. § 124.513. The agreement must contain, inter alia, “a provision . . .

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